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Hi welcome to Blue Letter Days

I have a question for you. 'Are you an ‘investor in your people?’ 

I would like to introduce myself and my team, I am Neelam and in this very happy positive and motivated team, we have Colin, Suzy, Grant, Lorna and Helen and we are excited to tell you about the personal development experience days we offer business’  like yours for your most important asset; your employees

You must be thinking “I’m inquisitive, tell me more...” well let me explain…our Blue and Gold employee experience days are niche personal development coaching and training days. They are unique, personalised and packaged for each individual organisation. We believe our experience days will help your employees exceed in and out of work, empowering them to achieve more, and become more productive, making you more successful as a business. You can download our brochure to read more about the various areas we specialise in, however just to give you a taster we offer; stress management, personal safety empowerment, personal branding, DiSC personality profiling, executive retreats, team building days and more. We say it’s  

"Coaching and Training that goes beyond the workplace" -we enhance work and life

We have specialist letter day experiences for your team; from our essential blue letter days to our more exceptional gold letter days, both options are bespoke and unforgettable.

Well we hope you feel inspired and would welcome some to time to talk with you more,  you can contact us on or on 0203 0028895 and we will happily review your learning needs

Yours Faithfully


Neelam & the happy team 

5 great reasons to choose Blue Letter Days

  1. We promise return on investment-your employees will return to you having progressed from prior performance
  2. We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke personal development workshops that are tailored for your employee’s growth- we rarely offer experiences “off the shelf”
  3. Our letter days are fun, unforgettable and unique, a true experience delivered by highly qualified professional coaches/specialists
  4. Excellent client service from the start with a consultation carried out to understand your needs and business
  5. Our fees are clear, you will know them in advance of an agreement and our terms are simple





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When a workforce performs at its best the company reaps; saving time, money and effort-the largest cost to any organisation